i’m giving poetry a second chance

From my prior experience with reading and writing poetry in English classes, I was never a fan.  I prefer short fiction, not pretentious and lofty nonsense.  As I near the end of the Creative Writing major, I’m required to take a poetry workshop class.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it (that’s why I’ve put it off until now) and I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really starting to like it.  My professor and classmates are pretty chill (no one is a super passionate, self-proclaimed, crazed poet), and everyone compliments each other and provides constructive criticism.

Like in other creative workshop, we set aside 10-15 minutes for free-writing.  I never thought that was sufficient time to develop something strong enough to share in my prose classes, but I’m really enjoying our poetry free-writes.  The prompt for today was, “Before I was me, I was _____.”

before i was me, i was a jellyfish
a plastic bag in the cerulean depths
a balloon of electric guts
a wispy tangle of vermicelli noodles
a colony of saline pincushions
sifting and seeking the hydration of infinite air


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