rainbow bright

I’ve been in a funny rainbow mood this week! 
On Tuesday, I had to redesign a dry-erase board at work.  Part of my job includes checking the equipment in/out to students.  We’re reformatting some hard drives so the check-out board needed to be updated.

I only had painter’s tape, a 12 inch ruler, and good judgment to help me with this board that is almost as tall as I am.  The perfectionist side of me started obsessing on the width of each line too.  Doesn’t it bug you when dry-erase markers don’t distribute the ink evenly?  Or when you accidentally smudge a perfect line?  I don’t even want to think about how messy this board is going to get when students start using it during the year.

I got pretty dizzy from all those lines and I wanted to jazz up the blank space.  Alas, a rainbow color scheme! (pardon the morbid “DEAD”s and sadfaces…a few of our hard drives bit the dust this past semester)

Today, I decided to do some summer cleaning and reorganized my closet.  I’ve always wanted to arrange my clothes according to color, and today was the day!  It looks a lot nicer to person (my cell phone camera doesn’t give it much justice).  If you have the time and patience, I highly recommend rainbow-sorting through your wardrobe!

Rainbows just make you feel really happy, right?


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